Studio Ritmisch

Located in the center of The Netherlands, looking over meadows, water and trees. I found the perfect place to record drums and percussion for your songs

Drums & Percussion

I own a wide palette of drums: the Dunun set I started playing when I was 8, a 1943 Slingerland Rolling Bomber that completely changed my approach to playing drums, a custom made Ritmisch Recording drum set, and many more.
Paired with Istanbul Agop cymbals and loads of small percussion I have everything I need to get in the right state of mind, for the best performance

Recording Gear

I own a wide range of microphones and beautiful pre amps (BAE, Thermionic Culture, Prism). Plenty of color options for every track, with super transparent conversion to further shape and add finishing touches after recording

Live Room

A 24m2 room that has been tailored to sound great for drums. Whether I'm playing super soft or really loud, the room sounds great.

Control Room